The Dream

When Bpaet first joined the gym, everyone in the village laughed.  They teased him, saying that he didn't have what it takes, and wouldn't last.  That was two and a half years ago, and Bpaet is still here.

Not only is he still here, but he's had 50 fights already, including against an Isaan Champion, and an IFMA Gold medalist.  He may have lost those fights, but he held is own against kids with more than double his experience.  His win ratio is about 80-20 which isn't easy to achieve in Thailand, especially when coming from a new gym like ours.

He's earned is top dog position at the gym, and rightfully so.  He rarely takes a day off from training, and is always ready to fight at a moments notice.  The biggest change we've seen in Bpaet however, goes beyond the day by day.  He's growing into adolescence with confidence, structure, and the ability to dream.  Dreams that are tangible, dreams that we all can believe in.

While the hunger to fight has no signs of dying, Bpaet has taken it upon himself to learn Muay Thai on a much deeper level.  Going beyond fighting, Bpaet wants to work abroad as a trainer.  When he doesn't have a fight, he'll hold pads for the kids at the gym, and is always eager for the ability to corner fights.  He's told the entire village, and his teachers too, that when he finishes school he'll be moving abroad to work as a trainer where he can fight too.  This time however, the village believes him.  Change like this isn't easy, especially in an inhospitable environment.  What we are doing however, is enacting real change, and it starts with a dream and a kid like Bpaet.

This of course wouldn't be possible without the support of our amazing monthly donors.  We'd also like to thank Morakot Muay Thai Gym, in Australia, for already offering Bapet a job. The motivation is there!