Cnexs Wear is an apparel line whose profits go to support groups and individuals that are making a positive impact in the world and to elevate individuals who are role models for our future generations.

They first heard about us in 2015 when, one of their founders, Christine saw someone in the Muay Thai community post a link to our GoFundMe page on Facebook. She read our story and immediately felt compelled to donate towards helping us build the gym. Later, during subsequent updates, when it became apparent the kids themselves needed the most basic of  things like shoes, she decided to become a monthly sponsor. Following the progress of our gym via social media, Christine began shared updates with Sam, one of the other founding members of CNEXS Wear.

Cnexs Wear was launched in January 2016, to honor Phay Kam, Sam and Sopy's older brother who had passed away from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. He lived much longer than he was diagnosed.  Not only attending high school but graduating with excellent grades despite increasing paralysis; he was always happy and always supporting and encouraging others. He was the living embodiment of their mission statement.

"Defy all odds and write your own fate."

In Phay's memory, they carry on his drive and passion to support and elevate people who defy the odds despite what their realities are and give back in the world. CNEXS Wear wants to help make a difference in people's lives like Phay did for them. Watching what we have managed to accomplish in very trying circumstances and seeing the incredible ways that we have positively impacted the lives of the children at our gym and the community around us, CNEXS Wear decided to come on as a corporate sponsor; it was a natural fit.

Cnexs Wear and Wor. Watthana believe that children are our future and that love, empowerment and support can help children rise above their circumstances and reach their full potential.