We were first connected to Booster via a mutual contact who suggested we reach out to them.  This was back in April 2015, when we were still training in the dirt.  We didn’t have anything to show Booster, no high level fighters, not even a ring -- just me and the kids hitting pads after school.  But Booster replied right away, sending gear and shorts for all the kids at our gym.  We were completely taken aback that such a high profile company that sponsors UFC and Glory fighters would be interested in us.  But it didn’t end there.  That initial donation was just the beginning.

Booster Fight Gear has now invested long-term in our gym. Their most significant contribution has been the job they created for me, which has allowed Boom to come back from teaching Muay Thai in Malaysia. His return to the village has given the local kids the trainer they deserve, and the role model they so desperately need. With Boom back full-time to watch over the kids, we began working with local promoter Jit. Pon, scouting local talent and promoting our own shows.  The positive impact has rippling effects: a Belgian company investing in rural Thailand?  Kids can now dream that one day they can become a Booster-sponsored fighter, or fight abroad  The reality of Muay Thai on a global level is now apparent to kids at the grassroots level.